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Sell Your Used Equipment

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Instru-Med offers a viable resource for hospitals, laboratories, and physicians with retired and/or surplus medical equipment. Our longstanding business practices have set the bar in the used medical equipment arena. By pre-paying for equipment and covering all shipping costs, customers are assured no downside exposure.

Each day Instru-Med’s regional purchasing agents procure blood/gas, electrolyte, chemistry, hematology, and more from hospitals and laboratories throughout North America. Purchasing interest is always based upon current demand. Used equipment values can fluctuate depending on factors such as age, maintenance upkeep, storage setting, and manufacturer support. For this reason, Instru-Med’s bid submissions are guaranteed for 30 days, allowing customers requisite time to decommission older instruments and obtain approval from internal accounting sources.

Instru-Med welcomes the opportunity to submit proposals for used equipment.

* To remain competitive, please fill out this form to send your bid request:

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