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Retsch Technology's core competence is to combine innovative technology for particle characterization and quality control with a maximum of operating convenience. The product line for particle characterization covers a size range from 0.3 nm to 30 mm. The instruments, which operate with different measurement techniques, allow for analyses of particle size and particle shape of suspensions, emulsions, colloidal systems, powders, granules and bulk materials.

The CAMSIZER XT features dynamic image analysis to provide rapid and precise particle size and particle shape distributions for dry powders and wet dispersions in the size range from 1µm to 3mm.

Modular design for optimum measurement conditions:

- Air pressure dispersion  Module “X-Dry” with “X-Jet”

- Gravity dispersion  Module “X-Dry” with “X-Fall”

- Wet dispersion  Module “X-Flow”

This modular design allows the CAMSIZER XT to offer the flexible X-Change system:

The X-Fall module (free fall mode), which is the most gentle method for the material; can be used for dry powders and bulk materials between 10 um and 3 mm.  The X-Jet module with adjustable pressure to de-agglomerate the sample without breaking individual particles and can be used on samples between 1 um and 3 mm.  And the X-Flow module in which particles are dispersed in liquids, optionally by ultrasound and can measure particles between 1 um and 600 um.

Key Features:

Very short measurement time of 1 – 3 minutes

Modular system X-Change for dry and wet dispersion

Measurement results are 100% compatible to sieve analysis if required

Detailed particle size analysis - results are saved in more than 1,000 size classes

Simultaneous analysis of particle size, shape, number, density and transparency

Calibration in seconds

Automatic measuring procedure

Robust design, insensitive to dust and vibrations

Self-cleaning, wear-free, maintenance-free

Less time- and labor-intensive than sieve analysis

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