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The CAMSIZER P4 integrates higher resolution cameras and a faster interface between the cameras and the PC than the previous generation, which allows for a new internal data structure that stores large amounts of image data to a particle library. Images and contours of particles with defined properties can be extracted from the particle library and displayed or processed off-line. Similar image libraries are well known from conventional static microscopes. The CAMSIZER P4 particle library, however, handles millions of single particle images incredibly fast.

In addition to the well-known two-dimensional display of results, the CAMSIZER P4 features a new 3D Cloud (3 dimensional graph) which allows displaying 3 parameters (for example particle size, aspect ratio and transparency).

Faster cameras with higher resolution, a brighter light source and improved data processing capabilities differentiate the CAMSIZER P4 from its predecessors. These improvements increase the measurement speed (~ 1 - 3 minutes); allow more precise shape analysis of small particles and an extended size measurement range.

Key Features:

Analysis of dry materials from 20 µm to 30 mm without doing any adjustments

Higher resolution of cameras enhances the precision of size and shape

Faster hardware and software detect more particles per second and provide more information about each particle

3D Cloud: flexible and meaningful representation of size and morphology parameters in 3 dimensions

New Particle Library function: advanced search capability of particle images and characteristics for single particles

Excellent compatibility with sieves analysis

Excellent reproducibility