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LA-950V2Manta 2

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HORIBA introduces the newest breakthrough in particle size technology with the LA-960. The LA-960 features intuitive software, unique accessories and a high performance optical system to deliver actionable results in less than one minute. Even the most challenging applications are easily measured with the innovative Method Expert software guiding the method development process. From ultra-fine nanoparticles to visible particles, they can all be measured with this single instrument. Designed with high quality components, the LA-960 ensures a long lifetime of hassle-free operation.

Key Features:

Accurately measures peaks as fine as 30 nm based on the NIST-traceable size standards

Sample to sample analysis in less than 60 seconds, even in the wet mode

Wide measurement range to measure every application:  10nm to 5,000 um

Data correlation support with the LA-950 and an intelligent correlation software for the LA-920/930 Series

Method Expert software is a series of guided, automated tests with advice to help the enduser choose values for refractive index, concentration, ultrasonic dispersion, pump speed, and measurement duration.

Advanced detector design:  87 logarithmically spaced detectors covering a range of 0.006 to 165.7 degrees to measure complete particle size distributions

Automatic laser alignment in seconds.

Accuracy guaranteed to within 0.6%

Precision guaranteed to within 0.1%