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The CAMSIZER P4 integrates higher resolution cameras and a faster interface between the cameras and the PC than the previous generation, which allows for a new internal data structure that stores large amounts of image data to a particle library. 
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The CAMSIZER XT features dynamic image analysis to provide rapid and precise particle size and particle shape distributions for dry powders and wet dispersions in the size range from 1µm to 3mm. 
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The FlowCam is an integrated system for rapidly analyzing particles in a fluid. Combining the high speed automated capabilities of a particle analyzer with the wealth of information.... 
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FlowCam 8100

The new FlowCam 8100 has a faster camera, leading to faster results. This device tests for protein aggregates and other particulates. 
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FlowCam ALH

The Automated Liquid Handling FlowCam (ALH) is a self-enclosed system, designed with vertical architecture for efficient use of space, encourages ease of replication for improved accuracy. 
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FlowCam Biologics

This automated imaging particle system specializes in sub-visible particulates in protein therapeutics used for research and development, focusing on the detection and measurement of proteins aggregates, stability studies and shelf-life simulation. 
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FlowCam Cyano

The FlowCam Cyano is specifically engineered to analyze aquatic samples that contain cyanobacteria and other algae particles. 
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FlowCam Macro

The FlowCAM Macro analyzes larger particles (50µm to 50mm) in a matter of seconds through Dynamic Imaging Particle Analysis. Direct, image-based measurements of particle size and shape enable differentiation of particle types in a heterogeneous mixture. 
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LA-300 Laser Diffraction Particle Size Distribution Analyzer is the ideal combination of performance, price, and packaging. It strikes a harmonious balance between... 
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The LA-350 Laser Diffraction Particle Size Distribution Analyzer is the ideal combination of performance, price, and packaging. It strikes a harmonious balance between high-functionality, easy operation, low maintenance, and cost-effectiveness. 
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The Partica LA-950V2 Laser Diffraction Particle Size Distribution Analyzer is the highest performance particle sizing instrument on the market. It out performs every other particle size analyzer in every facet... 
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HORIBA introduces the newest breakthrough in particle size technology with the LA-960. The LA-960 features intuitive software, unique accessories and a high performance optical system to deliver actionable results in less than one minute. 
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Combining superior optical engineering with state-of-the-art imaging analysis software, the rugged PetroCAM® accurately analyzes the size and concentration of oil droplets and solid particles in fluids. 
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SA 9600 Series

HORIBA's breakthrough SA-9600 Series brings exceptional convenience and confidence to surface area and pore volume analysis. Now you can perform single-point surface area, multi-point surface area and total pore volume measurements with push-button ease. 
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The SZ-100 nanopartica series instruments are flexible analytical equipments for characterizing the physical properties of small particles. 
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