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OCMA Series
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OCMA Series

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Horiba offers two Oil Content Analyzers, the OCMA-310 and the OCMA-350.

• The OCMA-310 is a portable instrument for monitoring oil content in both fresh water and salt water. S-316 is the extraction solvent required for sample measurements with this NDIR instrumentation. The S-316 extraction solvent can also be reclaimed with the Model SR-305 solvent reclaimer reducing chemical waste and solvent cost. The instrument’s automated extraction chamber allows the user to complete analyses without having to perform a mixing and filtration step to separate the sample from the solvent. The OCMA-310 provides swift, highly accurate analyses in the range of 0-200 ppm.

• Compact and easy to use, the OCMA-350 oil content analyzer provides quick, accurate measurements in the lab or in the field. The instrument measures the amount of oil in water, soil and machined parts for a variety of applications. Some common applications include waste water effluent, bilge water discharge, oil/water separators, contaminated soil and oil on textiles and metal parts. The OCMA-350 uses an excellent extraction solvent called S-316. The instrument measurement takes 30-60 seconds using a solvent for the extraction and NDIR method. The use of a quartz sample cell keeps the instrument clean from possible spills.