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Manta 2
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Manta 2

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Designed by water quality instrumentation professionals for water quality professionals, the Eureka Manta® Multiprobe incorporates the finest technologies providing the user with reliable and easy-to-use custom built instrumentation.
The Manta 2 incorporates multiple sensors into one instrument.  Since each instrument has memory built-in, they are extremely versatile and can be used for profiling or as a water quality data logger which can also include Eureka’s Eagle-Eye™ Remote Data Telemetry System . The clear housing allows the user to easily determine if there has been water intrusion and to see operational and diagnostic LEDs on the circuit board.
To improve the reliability, the sensors have been recessed making them sturdier, resulting in increased protection.  The Manta2 Multiprobe is available in 6 different models, each configured to meet your specific needs with any of the following available sensors: 
• Optical DO Sensor
• Temperature Sensor
• Turbidity Sensor
• pH Sensor
• Chlorophyll A Sensor
• Reference Sensor
• Blue-Green Algae Sensor
• Conductivity Sensor
• Rhodamine WT Sensor
• Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (Polagraphic)
• Depth Sensor
• Ammonia, Nitrate, or Chloride Ion Selective Electrodes.
The easily detachable cables allow measurements at different depths.  Eureka has designed the Detachable CableLockT system that does not allow for any exposed pins, preventing corrosion or accidental breakage and bending; it also prevents water from traveling through the cable in the event of any knocks or cuts.